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Personalised Hoodie UK

One of our most popular products and requests from customers are our customised and personalised hoodies. Hoodies are a great product to create a clothing garment that is both comfortable and reusable. Hoodies are an excellent way to promote your brand, business or design and have proved a timeless addition to many peoples wardrobes. Over the years we have made hoodies in different styles and seen lots of designs which customers have purchased.

We offer hoodies in standard pullover style, zipped and contrast styles in one of the largest size variations on the market. At Custom Workwear you can find almost any colour and size to ensure that there is always a product right for you. We offer men’s, women’s and kids sizing.

To create your own personalised hoodie uk browse our wide range of hoodies in different colours, styles, sizes and materials. You can also buy hoodies in varying material weights so if you are looking for a lightweight hoodie or a heavyweight hoodie. Once you select a hoodie you can add your logo to customise the hoodie with your own design.

Embroidered logos look fantastic on our hoodies and can provide a durable and long lasting way to showcase your brand or business logo on a garment that is both functional and practical as well as it is stylish. We can embroider your logo in a wide range of thread colours and can even use special colours such as metallic threads.

Printed logos are also a great way to showcase your brand with clear and distinct logos. We can print any colours so customers can create hoodies that are bold, bright and colourful.

We can apply your logo in a wide range of locations such a left or right chest, big front or back and nape or sleeves. This flexibility gives customers the best number of options to customise and personalise a hoodie in the way which allows them to create the perfect hoodie for their occasions.

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