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Custom Sportswear

Here at Custom Workwear we are specialists in creating custom sportswear clothing to cater for a wide range of professionals in a number of the sports industries. Custom sportswear have unique requirements due to their need to be durable, fitted and water absorbent. Sportswear by it’s very nature will be regularly used and often be subjected to a high amount of friction and wear and tear.

By far and away our custom football shirt printing and custom football shirts are our most regularly requested sportwear items and we work with a number of football teams, clubs and sporting organisations to create personalised footballs shirts and complete football shirt printing for them. We have applied a broad range of different football shirt designs to a large number of different products so that those organisations can represent their team professionally.

But we can do much more than help you design your own football shirt and applying your customised football t shirt designs. We have also completed custom rugby shirts, custom gym shirts, custom workout shirts, custom athletic wear, yoga workout gear, and other personalised sports clothing and personalised sportswear to cover a broad range of activities and sporting industries.

Depending upon the type of material you decide on, we can embroider or print your logo, design or brand onto our custom sportswear garments. Whether you are a business owner or a team member, we can work with you to ensure that you get the designs that you want onto the clothing items that you need.

You can also benefit from great bulk item discounts and also bulk logo application discounts meaning that the more that you buy the bigger the discounts that you receive. We strive to be great value against our competitors and aim to provide top quality products and great value for our customers to keep build long lasting and meaningful working relationships.

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